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Al BordaSkin Industries was established in 1998 by its original founder and still owner Al Borda, that’s me! I had been a motocross fan/rider for many years and had many friends that raced. I figured hey I should start my own clothing company and I named it Skin Industries. Being the catchy name that it was, Skin took off. We started offering casual wear (4 tee shirt designs) with our graphic line (for MC’s and Quads) so you could look as good as your bike.

I started Skin with the idea in mind that any person wanting to express themselves would have the Graphics and Clothing to do so. The brand immediately became involved in the most extreme of extreme sports developing in America at the time, including; Freestyle Motocross (FMX) Mix Martials Arts (MMA), Freestyle Dirt BMX, and anything else that would make people loose their minds watching.

Skin Industries clothing is a lifestyle and as you can tell from our product selection we like to gamble, we love exotic cars and cater to a fast and extreme lifestyle.

At the end of the day, I am responsible for each design, logo, and material used in every product. We established the brand through selective sponsorship and ingenious product placement that cemented the brands in America today. Skin Industries relentless commitment to pushing the envelope and expressing the way you feel has developed into the cutting edge of style that our competitors are still trying to follow.

Skin Industries is going on 22 years of developing, producing, and selling clothing. We are confident that we have genuinely contributed something different to the market; we hope you think so too!

Today Skin Industries has grown into something that I never once imagine would happen. I did not start Skin Industries with the idea of making a living from it, I already had other sources of income, fame and pretty much everything I thought I needed. With that attitude I was able to continue to invest every dollar we made right back into the company for about 10 years, then my “Business Associates” recommended that I stay paying myself so I could not only enjoy the benefits of my hard work but see it, feel it, love it and want more, and by wanting more you have to make more and that was the big drive!

Times have changed, people have changed, designs have change, but you know what, I am going right back to the ROOTS. When we first started 99% of the stores were scared to carry our product because of either the name or the designs, today its not much difference.

We are mostly an online store and that is the direction I am pushing the business in these days, but because we do have some great relationships with a few retailers we have a select group of people you can buy from, and soon we will be listing them on the website incase you cant wait for the product to be shipped to you.

With all this, the most important thing I want to say is, THANK YOU for being a customer. A lot of you have been buying my product for 20 years and that’s just fucking AWESOME that you believe in me this much and for that long!

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