Ben RaWW

Ben Raww is a prevailing lifestyle; the clothing is developed for and is categorized as Street Wear. The roots and designs come out of the Bay Area in Northern California from several influential Graffiti Artist, Tattoo Artist and Musicians. The style is simple and all focus around one thing, “being raw” not just today but for the OG’s that have Ben Raww “Since Day 1”.After the initial expansion, the brand contained 3 to live / life points; Love, Drugs and Alcohol. Love and passion for art under the influence of Drugs and Alcohol. They say history repeats itself, well here are the 1960’s all over again but instead of LSD and Dead Heads, today its about WEED and DJ’s. In a digital age combining and representing a Raww lifestyle of skate, hip hop, rock and art, and all doing so "Since Day 1."Maybe you have met Ben Raww, maybe you are Ben Raww but one thing is for sure, you cant be Ben Raww today if you haven’t been raw “Since Day 1”. Our brand is not driven by money and now its time to say FUCK YOU to all the non-believers that wouldn't hire us because we had tattoos on your hands or neck or smelled like “KUSH” when we rolled into work. We've been hustling and busting our asses for years and now we are running shit, so to those that have been raw “Since Day 1”, let everybody know.Welcome to Ben Raww.

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